Network & Nosh: Feb 2018

This month we welcomed six small business owners to Kitchenorium for our Network & Nosh event with a Middle Eastern menu of vegetarian meze.


Baba ganoush
Spinach & feta parcels
Lebanese hummous
Fried halloumi
Olives & fresh bread

Guest profiles

Find out more about these business people, all experts in their fields and highly recommended, using the links below:

Katherine from AtKat Marketing

AtKat Logo

Specialty: marketing strategy for small businesses

Facebook: AtKat Marketing
Twitter: @AtKatMarketing

Fiona from FiMarketing

FiMarketing Logo.PNG

Specialty: analytics, brand guidelines and customer experience

Facebook: FiMarketing
Twitter: @FiMarketing_

Geraldine from Every Word Counts

EWCounts Logo.PNG

Specialty: copywriting, editing, proofreading and blogging services to B2B & B2C clients

Facebook: Every Word Counts
Twitter: @EWC_wordsmith

Lisa from Edit Write

EditWrite Logo

Specialty: children’s services, public sector, health, education and social care

Facebook: Editwrite
Twitter: @editwritelisa

Janice from Pu-Tai Welbeing

Pu-tai Logo.PNG

Specialty: laughter yoga

Facebook: Pu-Tai Wellbeing

Vicky from Leamington Belly Dance & The Egg Box

Leamington Belly Dance

Specialty: dance classes and parties with full costumes provided

Facebook: Leamington Belly Dance
Twitter: @LeamBellyDance

The Egg Box

Egg Box Logo.PNG

Specialty: gives rescued hens a home for life, funded by the sale of their eggs

Facebook: The Egg Box

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  • Wednesday 4th April
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  • £18 per person, with an early booking discount available until 25th March
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January 2018 at Kitchenorium

Hey there, here’s what we’ve been up to at Kitchenorium in January…

Sunday Smorgasbord: 7th Jan


Sausage & red onion tart
Pea & ham fritters
Smoked salmon fishcakes
Dressed eggs
Stewed red cabbage
Beetroot pate
Potato salad
Carrot & fennel salad
Jarlsberg, Danish Blue and Applewood smoked cheese
Rye crackers and pickles
Cranberry & almond rice puddingRice pud.jpg



Comfort Food Feast: 13th Jan


Celeriac soup
Salmon en croute
Spiced orange sorbet
Rosemary & garlic lamb chops with dauphinoise potatoes and savoy cabbage
Apple crumble with rum & raisin ice-cream

Celeriac soup.jpg


Comfort Food

Turkish Tuesday: 16th Jan


Chicken kebab with mint & yoghurt
Lamb & macaroni bake with side salad
Turkish delight pavlova

Turk delight pavlova.jpg



Veganuary Adventure: 19th Jan


Aubergine caponata with cous cous
Apple streusel tart

Vegan apple tart.jpg



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The top section of the home page scrolls through four images:

In the top left corner you can see the WeFiFo icon – wherever you go on the site you can click on this icon to return to the home page:

WeFiFo icon.PNG

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Instant chat.PNG

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The search box on the home page is purely a location search, so type in your location and see what comes up:


Scroll all the way down, and the last section of the home page has lots of useful links:

Home page base.PNG

Get started here:

December 2017 at Kitchenorium

Hey there, here’s what we’ve been up to at Kitchenorium in December…

Spa Wars Tapas Night – 1st December




Patatas bravas
Fried aubergine
Stuffed peppers
Garlic chicken
Lamb meatballs
Moroccan hummous
Butter bean salad
Bulghar wheat salad
Iberico cheese
Serrano ham
Olives and fresh bread
Galician almond cake



Spa Wars

‘Table Talk’ – 1st December

Tracey Saunders runs a food blog called Midlands Gourmet Girl:

Mids Gourmet

Midlands Gourmet Girl

She kindly included Kitchenorium in her weekly ‘Table Talk‘ post, along with a picture of my Panang chicken curry & jasmine rice.

Christmas Get Together – 3rd December






Victoria Sponge

Raspberry & coconut slice


Mince pies

Toasted & buttered panettone





Xmas T & cake

‘Student Story: Cat in the Kitchen’ – 8th December

Ashburton About.PNG


Read the full article here

High Times – 12th December

High Times Header

High Times.PNG

Read the full newsletter here

Festive Vegetarian Supper – 12th December


Winter fruit salad

Winter fruits salad


Roast yam, lentil & coconut soup
Leek & cheddar tart with parsnip gratin, brussel sprouts and savoy cabbage
Winter fruits salad with greek yoghurt



Veggie Xmas

Festive Lunch – 14th December


Parsnip soup

Parsnip, sage & white bean soup




Parsnip, sage & white bean soup
Duck leg confit with boulangeres potatoes and green beans
Pears poached in mulled wine





Xmas lunch.PNG

Thare Machi Lunch – 18th December


Hazelnut meringue

Hazelnut meringue



Turkey, red onion & gorgonzola tartlets
Smoked mackerel pate
Stuffed portobello mushrooms
Tomato & mozzarella skewers
Waldorf salad
Jewelled cous cous salad
Sour cream & chive dip
Baked camembert
Olives and fresh bread
Hazelnut meringue






Thare Machi lunch

Small Biz Connect Up – 19th Decmeber


Breaded Camembert

Breaded camembert



Breaded camembert with pickled prunes
Three-bird pie with roast potatoes, carrot & swede mash and buttered cabbage
Apple crumble with xmas pudding ice-cream






Connect Up Xmas

TEDxLeam Teaser Trailer – 22nd December

Watch it here:

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November 2017 at Kitchenorium

Hey there, here’s what we’ve been up to at Kitchenorium in November…

Thai Tuesday – 7th November

  • This event was filmed for ZDF, a German TV channel, for their show ‘Heute in Europa‘.
  • Seni, Jon & Sophie from WeFiFo joined us for dinner and filming, along with 8 other guests.


Panang curry square.jpg

Panang chicken curry



Crab cakes with spicy dipping sauce
Panang chicken curry with jasmine rice
Pineapple, mango & coconut fool




Thai filming

Speaker at Small Business Connect Up – 14th November

Read all about it here: 5 Twitter Tips for Small Business

Meeting with Thare Machi – 15th November

Thare Machi Education is a local charity based in Leamington Spa and delivering educational DVDs on issues of health and wellbeing to communities all around the world and in the language spoken by the recipients.

We first met on Twitter during #leamingtonhour, we had a meeting at their offices, and now we’ll be working together in a number of ways.

If you’re interested you can find out more on their website, follow them on social media, and consider making a donation 😀

Thare Machi

Piece by ZDF aired on German TV – 17th November

Watch it here (the narration is in German):

Speaker at TEDx Leamington Spa – 18th November

TEDxLeam letters

Read all about it in these two posts:-

Kitchenorium @ TEDxLeam: The Preparation

Kitchenorium @ TEDxLeam: The Event

Network & Nosh – 22nd November


Mississippi mud pie.jpg

Mississippi mud pie


Chilli con carne & ceviche
Nachos & quesadilla
Sweet potato wedges
Buttered corn cobs
Rice salad & bean salad
Dips & tortillas chips
Mississippi mud pie



N&N Geraldine.PNG

Piece in Leamington Courier – 24th November


Private Event for 16 Guests – 25th November


Tuscan lamb

Tuscan lamb stew


Baked semolina gnocchi
Tuscan lamb stew with rosemary potatoes
Panna cotta



Full house.PNG

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Kitchenorium @ TEDxLeam: The Event

TEDxLeam letters

Doors Open

The doors of the Parish Church opened up at 11am, and TEDx Leamington Spa 2017 officially got underway. There were wristbands to put on, goody bags to enjoy, self-service tea and coffee, as well as a key on every seat, only one of which would unlock a box containing a special prize.


Joel and I enjoyed our salads provided by the Saxon Mill, a destination gastro-pub in nearby Warwick, and then we settled ourselves into a spot on the balcony before the talks began.

TEDxLeam stage

View from the balcony

Session 1

Introductions by Alan Heap, our compere for the day, and Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington.

Talk 1: ‘Living in harmony with your smartphone’ by Ross Sleight

Talk 2: ‘Why does that refugee have a mobile phone?’ by Amrit Singh

Talk 3: ‘Life lessons from 30 years in Hollywood’ by Marie Rowe

Talk 4: ‘Embracing restlessness’ by Simon Parker

Video from the TED archives ‘How we can eat our landscapes’ by Pam Warhurst:

Session 2

After a quick break and a little cake from Sweet As, a local cake shop specialising in chocolate, a friend helped us find seats at the back of the hall, and the talks continued.

Talk 5: ‘Homelessness – it’s time to lose the label’ a panel discussion with Lianne Kirkman of Helping Hands, Cheryl Prince of Seemia Theatre and Ellie House of Kairos WWT

Talk 6: ‘Superman was a foster child’ by Satwinder Sandhu

Talk 7: ‘How to let go of your past’ by David Bentley

Talk 8: ‘My best friend at nursery is 80 years old’ by Melrose Stewart

Session 3

After another break, this time catered by by Nana’s Japanese Cafe (although we weren’t quick enough to taste the sushi as it disappeared in a flash), and during which my nerves started to set in, we found seats with a group of friends at the front of the hall near the stage.

Talk 9: ‘Home is who we are’ by Ruhi Hamid 

Talk 10: ‘Apathy, the refugee crisis and how we can make a difference’ by Yasmin Autwal

Talk 11: ‘How to turn you home into a pop-up restaurant’ – my video!

Tweet on screen 2

Tweet on screen

Talk 12: ‘The power of the flower’ by Sarah Horne


There were poetry readings by Gwyneth Box and background music by Morocco Dave throughout the day.

Altum Schema, Joe Dolman and The Ellipsis gave live performances, and there was a video from Deluka giving an insight into this track:

After Party

Following the wrap-up of TEDx Leamington Spa 2017, we de-camped to Zou Bisou, an indepenent cafe on Regent Court, for the after party.

There were refreshments aplenty – beer from Church Farm Brewery, wine courtesy of Underwood Wines and a delicious selection of pizza provided by Birtelli’s.

Live musical performances continued through the evening, including some extremely accomplished kareoke and open mic sessions including some awesome rapping by Ross Sleight and beat-boxing by David Bentley.

Further information about TEDxLeam:-

Kitchenorium @ TEDxLeam: The Preparation

July 2017

At the Small Business Connect-Up held in the Chase Meadow Community Centre, I was chatting with Linda from Linda Scannell Photography and she told me about the upcoming TEDx Leamington Spa.

When she mentioned that the theme this year would be ‘Home’, I knew right away what my talk would be: ‘How to turn your home into a pop-up restaurant’.

This was immediately followed by something along the lines of ‘A TED talk? Oh, but I couldn’t possibly do that!’, until the following day…

At the Leamington Hour Live networking group Kimberley and Craig, two of the organisers in charge of TEDx Leamington Spa, gave a talk all about this year’s event.

They explained that the application process was to submit a video describing the subject of your talk in 20 words or less, and the deadline was only a few days away!

As soon as I got home from this event, before I could loose my nerve, I asked Joel to film me on my phone presenting my idea from our kitchen, and the following day I submitted my application:

August 2017

When the feedback email arrived in my mailbox I could see the first few words of the text: ‘After reviewing all the applications…’ and I thought to myself ‘Oh, that’s a no, isn’t it?’, so I was even more surprised and delighted when I opened the email to find that I had been accepted as a speaker!

Of course, I couldn’t tell anyone until it was officially announced. It was only a matter of weeks but it seemed like ages. In the meantime, I provided my written bio and two photos, as well as some video footage taken at Kitchenorium by a friend earlier in the year:

September 2017

Hooray! In early September my Speaker Announcement went out on social media. Here is how it looked on Facebook:

TEDxLeam Announce

As the subject of my talk ‘How to turn your home into a pop-up restaurant’ is based on the social dining events which we host at our home in Leamington Spa, it was decided that my talk would be filmed in advance at a specially organised Kitchenorium event.

In preparation for being filmed, I attempted the 10 day video challenge set by Gary from Leamington Hour. The idea was to record a short video everyday for ten days and post them on social media. I managed to do seven videos and they weren’t on consecutive days, but it did help me to feel more confident when the film crew arrived at our TEDx Leamington Spa event. Here is my favourite of the seven:

October 2017

After weeks of planning and anticipation, the day of filming arrived, along with some nervousness!

The house filled up with eight specially invited dinner guests and six members of the filming team. We served a two course Italian menu with vegetarian option, and it was all caught on camera:

TEDxLeam Filming 

Just a few days later it was the Speaker Mixer – an opportunity to get together with the other speakers, performers, organisers, speaker coaches and volunteers. There was a bring-and-share buffet so I took along some of my famous chocolate brownies:


November 2017

Two weeks before the big day, the Dress Rehearsal was held in the event venue, and this was my first chance to see the video which had been edited from all that footage into a 5 minute documentary. It was an odd feeling watching myself up on a big screen, but also exhilarating!

Inspired by the ‘Home’ exhibition at local art gallery Slate, held in conjunction with TEDx Leamington Spa, I recorded a few videos on the topic of #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs and here is my favourite of these:

During the last 24 hours before the big day I was occupied with printing and folding Kitchenorium flyers to go into the event goody bags, and then helping out with filling the goody bags full of fabulous stuff:

Hoody bags.PNG

Further information about TEDxLeam:-

5 Twitter Tips for Small Business

This is based on a presentation I gave in November 2017 at the Small Business Connect-Up which is organised by AtKat Marketing and takes place at the Chase Meadow Community Centre in Warwick:

Chase M Presenting.PNG

Tip 1: Do as you would be done by

Chase M Tips 1

  • Be polite and respectful of others
  • When someone follows you, look up their profile and consider following back
  • When someone shows you their support, send them a thank you
  • When someone messages you, send them a reply

Tip 2: Don’t by shy

Chase M Tips 2

  • Follow people you know
  • Follow people you don’t know
  • If you see something interesting give it a like and/or a retweet
  • Say hello and engage with people

Tip 3: Mix it up

Chase M Tips 3.PNG

  • I read once that only 1 in 7 tweets on a business account should be ‘buy my stuff’ tweets so that leaves plenty of room for everything else
  • Use photos, gifs and videos in your tweets to add diversity and encourage engagment
  • Send replies, use both the retweet function and the quote function
  • Post at different times of day, and on different days of the week

 Tip 4: Cross-post carefully

Chase M Tips 4

  • Having your posts from other social media automatically appear as tweets often makes for very unappealing tweets which are unlikely to get much engagement
  • It is possible to have all or some of your tweets automatically appear on Facebook which will display any attached links, and can be edited if necessary

Tip 5: Use networking hours

Chase M Tips 5.PNG

  • Look for industry specific and/or local networking hours
  • Remember to use the hashtag on all your tweets
  • Say hello and start a conversation
  • Be there during the hour – don’t schedule tweets if you aren’t going to be there
  • Don’t necessarily try to engage with every tweet – it’s not usually possible!

Find out more:-

October 2017 at Kitchenorium

Hey there, here’s what we’ve been up to at Kitchenorium in October…

Kitchenorium’s First Birthday

Well here we are, Kitchenorium is now one year old, so it’s true what they say, time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

As a birthday celebration, and after some contemplation on the subject, we’ve finally created our official logo, which you can expect to see more of as we integrate it into our business identity:

Logo Black


TEDx Filming – Thursday 5th October

TEDxLeam Filming.PNG


Ricotta cake vanilla 2

Ricotta cake


Chicken cacciatore with rosemary potatoes
Vanilla ricotta cake with butterscotch sauce




TEDxLeam Filming Event

TEDx Speaker Mixer – Sunday 8th October

That’s me holding the ‘T’ for TEDx!

TEDx Panorama

Fancy photography by fellow TEDx Leamington Spa speaker Amrit Singh.

Tapas Tuesday – 10th October



Galician almond cake

Patatas bravas, fried aubergine & stuffed peppers
Garlic prawns & lamb meatballs
Moroccan hummous
Butter bean & bulghar wheat salads
Iberico cheese & Serrano ham
Olives and fresh bread
Galician almond cake


Tapas Fi review 2

Lucky Dip Dinner – Friday 13th October


Tarragon chicken.jpg

Tarragon chicken


Smoked mackerel fishcakes
Tarragon chicken with rice
Pot au chocolat



Lucky dip review

Slate Art Gallery HOME Opening Night – Friday 20th October

Slate Gallery HOME

In collaboration with TEDx Leamington Spa, Slate Art Gallery is holding an exhibition on the theme of HOME, and I attended the opening night with my friend Jess who has her jewellery on display.

Read more about the exhibition here.

See more from Meg Rose Jewellery here.


250 Facebook Supporters – Tuesday 24th October

Fb 250

Woohoo! We’ve reached 250 likes on our Facebook page.

We like to post lots of food photos, info about upcoming events, menus, booking links and general goings-on in the Kitchenorium.

If you haven’t already, give us a look-see and a like, ta!



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September 2017 at Kitchenorium

Hey there, here’s what we’ve been up to at Kitchenorium in September…

Get Together – Sunday 3rd September


Carrot & orange.jpg

Carrot & orange cake


Chocolate brownies
Victoria sponge
Coffee & walnut cake
Raspberry pavlova
Lemon polenta cake (gluten-free)
Carrot & orange cake (vegan)


  • Left-overs were donated to Helping Hands for their soup kitchen.
  • A spontaneous collection raised £35, and this was donated to Shelter:

Shelter collection


Review Get Tog Sept

TEDxLeam Announcement – Monday 4th September

TEDxLeam Announce

Network & Nosh – Wednesday 6th September



Network & Nosh


Red pepper & goat’s cheese tart
Baked camembert
Potato wedges
Stuffed mushrooms
Smoked mackerel pate
Salad nicoise
Chunky coleslaw
Dips & crudites
Olives & fresh bread
Hazelnut meringue




Review Network

Video Reviews:

Simon from ST-IT Limited


Fiona from FiMarketing and Katherine from AtKat Marketing

Japanese Curry Club – Friday 15th September


Katsu chicken

Katsu chicken curry


Tempura prawns
Katsu chicken curry
White chocolate & matcha tart




Review Japanese

Muddy Stilettos Review – Monday 18th SeptemberMuddy Review

Catherine, the editor of Muddy Stilettos in Warwickshire, joined us at Kitchenorium for our inaugural Network & Nosh event.

She wrote a wonderful review of her experience, which you can read here on the Muddy Stilettos website.


Private Dining – Saturday 23rd September


Boeuf bourguignon.jpg

Boeuf bourguignon


Smoked mackerel pate with melba toast
Boeuf bourguignon with potatoes boulangeres




Review Bistro Meet up

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