My love of good food and passion for cookery have always been big influences in my life. Growing up my parents and their adventurous cooking styles inspired me to seek out authentic recipes and ingredients from around the world.

My favourite cuisines, to cook and to eat, are from all around the Mediterranean, with their amazing and varied spice combinations, fresh and dried fruit and herbs, seasonal vegetables, and gorgeous olive oil.

When I was a teenager the whole family became vegetarian for several years and although I’m no longer a vegetarian, I still love vegetarian food and often have cravings for a good falafel or chickpea curry, and the relationship I have with halloumi is bordering on addition.

When it comes to meat dishes, I have developed a preference for long, slow cooking methods such as braising or pot roasting because the meat becomes so succulent and delicious.

Desserts, especially ices and meringues, have long been a particular speciality of mine. I really enjoy creating fruity sorbets, boozy granitas, velvety semi-freddo and indulgent ice-creams, and oh my goodness, meringue is totally amazing stuff!




Welcome to our home, a characterful century-old house in the picturesque town of Leamington Spa, where my partner and I host our friendly and informal dining events.
We have a bohemian style of décor and eclectic furnishings with two big dining tables and a variety of seating options, from a big old pew bench for four people, to dining chairs and individual stools, with cushions available if needed for added comfort.

Fun Stuff:-
We’ll set you up with a welcome drink to get things started, there is tap water available on each table throughout the meal and we round things off with a cup of tea or coffee. Please bring with you any additional drinks you require for the evening. We have a separate fridge, or ‘boozorium’ as we call it, for you to store your own drinks.
We use paper tablecloths and provide felt-tipped pens, so you can feel free to doodle away as creatively as you like in between courses, or perhaps play noughts and crosses with your neighbours.

Practical Stuff:-
The ‘facilities’ are in the upstairs bathroom so unfortunately we can’t currently accommodate anyone who cannot manage a flight of stairs.
There are public transport links nearby with regular local services, and there is on-street parking outside the house but we cannot guarantee availability of spaces.


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