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WeFiFo User Guide: Home Page

The top section of the home page scrolls through four images:

In the top left corner you can see the WeFiFo icon – wherever you go on the site you can click on this icon to return to the home page:

WeFiFo icon.PNG

In the lower right corner you’ll see the instant chat icon – again you’ll see this wherever you go on the site:

Instant chat.PNG

In the top right corner you can see these funtions:

sign in.PNG

If you need to create an account, click ‘Sign Up’.

If you already have your account set up, click ‘Log In’.

Once you’re signed up and logged in then you’ll see your profile picture appear in the top right corner, and you can click here to get the drop-down menu:

Logged in menu.PNG

The search box on the home page is purely a location search, so type in your location and see what comes up:


Scroll all the way down, and the last section of the home page has lots of useful links:

Home page base.PNG

Get started here: