5 Twitter Tips for Small Business

This is based on a presentation I gave in November 2017 at the Small Business Connect-Up which is organised by AtKat Marketing and takes place at the Chase Meadow Community Centre in Warwick:

Chase M Presenting.PNG

Tip 1: Do as you would be done by

Chase M Tips 1

  • Be polite and respectful of others
  • When someone follows you, look up their profile and consider following back
  • When someone shows you their support, send them a thank you
  • When someone messages you, send them a reply

Tip 2: Don’t by shy

Chase M Tips 2

  • Follow people you know
  • Follow people you don’t know
  • If you see something interesting give it a like and/or a retweet
  • Say hello and engage with people

Tip 3: Mix it up

Chase M Tips 3.PNG

  • I read once that only 1 in 7 tweets on a business account should be ‘buy my stuff’ tweets so that leaves plenty of room for everything else
  • Use photos, gifs and videos in your tweets to add diversity and encourage engagment
  • Send replies, use both the retweet function and the quote function
  • Post at different times of day, and on different days of the week

 Tip 4: Cross-post carefully

Chase M Tips 4

  • Having your posts from other social media automatically appear as tweets often makes for very unappealing tweets which are unlikely to get much engagement
  • It is possible to have all or some of your tweets automatically appear on Facebook which will display any attached links, and can be edited if necessary

Tip 5: Use networking hours

Chase M Tips 5.PNG

  • Look for industry specific and/or local networking hours
  • Remember to use the hashtag on all your tweets
  • Say hello and start a conversation
  • Be there during the hour – don’t schedule tweets if you aren’t going to be there
  • Don’t necessarily try to engage with every tweet – it’s not usually possible!

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3 responses to “5 Twitter Tips for Small Business”

  1. Shurthi Vasudevan says :

    Your twitter tips were really useful. Thank you very much. We are student entrepreneurs with an engineering background and we aren’t aware of marketing and business. Startup Xperts, a business consulting firm is helping us with digital marketing. http://startupxperts.com/services/
    Waiting to read more of your blogs.

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