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5 Twitter Tips for Small Business

This is based on a presentation I gave in November 2017 at the Small Business Connect-Up which is organised by AtKat Marketing and takes place at the Chase Meadow Community Centre in Warwick:

Chase M Presenting.PNG

Tip 1: Do as you would be done by

Chase M Tips 1

  • Be polite and respectful of others
  • When someone follows you, look up their profile and consider following back
  • When someone shows you their support, send them a thank you
  • When someone messages you, send them a reply

Tip 2: Don’t by shy

Chase M Tips 2

  • Follow people you know
  • Follow people you don’t know
  • If you see something interesting give it a like and/or a retweet
  • Say hello and engage with people

Tip 3: Mix it up

Chase M Tips 3.PNG

  • I read once that only 1 in 7 tweets on a business account should be ‘buy my stuff’ tweets so that leaves plenty of room for everything else
  • Use photos, gifs and videos in your tweets to add diversity and encourage engagment
  • Send replies, use both the retweet function and the quote function
  • Post at different times of day, and on different days of the week

 Tip 4: Cross-post carefully

Chase M Tips 4

  • Having your posts from other social media automatically appear as tweets often makes for very unappealing tweets which are unlikely to get much engagement
  • It is possible to have all or some of your tweets automatically appear on Facebook which will display any attached links, and can be edited if necessary

Tip 5: Use networking hours

Chase M Tips 5.PNG

  • Look for industry specific and/or local networking hours
  • Remember to use the hashtag on all your tweets
  • Say hello and start a conversation
  • Be there during the hour – don’t schedule tweets if you aren’t going to be there
  • Don’t necessarily try to engage with every tweet – it’s not usually possible!

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October 2017 at Kitchenorium

Hey there, here’s what we’ve been up to at Kitchenorium in October…

Kitchenorium’s First Birthday

Well here we are, Kitchenorium is now one year old, so it’s true what they say, time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

As a birthday celebration, and after some contemplation on the subject, we’ve finally created our official logo, which you can expect to see more of as we integrate it into our business identity:

Logo Black


TEDx Filming – Thursday 5th October

TEDxLeam Filming.PNG


Ricotta cake vanilla 2

Ricotta cake


Chicken cacciatore with rosemary potatoes
Vanilla ricotta cake with butterscotch sauce




TEDxLeam Filming Event

TEDx Speaker Mixer – Sunday 8th October

That’s me holding the ‘T’ for TEDx!

TEDx Panorama

Fancy photography by fellow TEDx Leamington Spa speaker Amrit Singh.

Tapas Tuesday – 10th October



Galician almond cake

Patatas bravas, fried aubergine & stuffed peppers
Garlic prawns & lamb meatballs
Moroccan hummous
Butter bean & bulghar wheat salads
Iberico cheese & Serrano ham
Olives and fresh bread
Galician almond cake


Tapas Fi review 2

Lucky Dip Dinner – Friday 13th October


Tarragon chicken.jpg

Tarragon chicken


Smoked mackerel fishcakes
Tarragon chicken with rice
Pot au chocolat



Lucky dip review

Slate Art Gallery HOME Opening Night – Friday 20th October

Slate Gallery HOME

In collaboration with TEDx Leamington Spa, Slate Art Gallery is holding an exhibition on the theme of HOME, and I attended the opening night with my friend Jess who has her jewellery on display.

Read more about the exhibition here.

See more from Meg Rose Jewellery here.


250 Facebook Supporters – Tuesday 24th October

Fb 250

Woohoo! We’ve reached 250 likes on our Facebook page.

We like to post lots of food photos, info about upcoming events, menus, booking links and general goings-on in the Kitchenorium.

If you haven’t already, give us a look-see and a like, ta!



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